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EuroCARE Bonn GmbH

Policy advice based on scientific excellence 

EuroCARE GmbH Bonn is a consultancy specialized in quantitative and qualitative analysis of agricultural and environmental policies. Our mission is to deliver scientifically sound and independent analysis, bridging the gap between academic research and policy design. We provide our services with teams selected according to the client's individual project requirements drawing from our pool of analysts and international experts from our large academic networks. The four partners, all agricultural economists, maintain close links to the Economic and Agricultural Policy group in the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, University of Bonn, a leading group in the field of policy impact assessment for agriculture.

A core service is the quantitative analysis based on complex simulation models such as CAPRI. Completed projects include several analyses of the potential effects of reforming the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, of Greenhouse gases and Ammonia emissions from EU agriculture and of long-term trends in global agricultural markets. We also support clients by developing software solutions or providing scientific advice and training in the field of economic simulation models and related data bases.