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Framework contract (FWC): Support to the economic modelling of agriculture and rural development policies in Europe (ENgAGE)


European Commission, represented by JRC


FWC #1 January 2011 - January 2014

FWC #2 June 2014 - June 2018

FWC #3 since August 2018


Coordination: Stichting Dienst Lanbouwkundig Onderzoek Foundation, with Wageningen Economic Research (formerly LEI), The Hague, Netherlands

Partnership composed of


The framework contract ENgAGE covers the following Tasks:

  • Task 1: Organisation of research related workshops and conferences
  • These events will bring together policy-makers, researchers and relevant stakeholders in fields related to agro-economic policy analysis. This should include also potential workshops to validate the results of modelling tools.

  • Task 2: Technical support to model maintenance and econometric analysis
  • Support to ensure permanently operational versions of the models (master versions) and updating model data bases. This relates in particular to the models AGLINK-COSIMO, AGMEMOD, CAPRI, IFM-CAP, MAGNET and single-country CGE models developed in GAMS. As part of the model maintenance task, providing econometric estimation and/or re-estimation of model parameters or policy shocks.

  • Task 3: Technical support to model development
  • This task ensures the development of new methodological features, the improvement modelling of policy and trade instruments, extending geographical and commodity coverage and other model developments.

  • Task 4: Training and Documentation
  • (1) Providing training for newcomers and advanced staff aiming to develop an in-house capacity and expertise at introductory and advanced level. (2) Providing documentation of data used in the models (including parameters), documentation of baseline procedure; full description of model variables and parameters.

  • Task 5: Peer-reviewing and scientific advice
  • Reviewing the scientific quality of JRC products and contributing to the further development of iMAP

  • Task 6: Thematic studies
  • Thematic studies under this framework contract may be related to the various topics, for example: Economic impacts of agriculture and related policies; conceptual development for agri-environmental indicators, Methods and tools to measure farm sustainability; assessment of the environmental performance of different farming systems or agricultural practices; Assessment of climate change impacts and mitigation strategies on agriculture.

    Contributions of EuroCARE

    EuroCARE has contributed to all of the above tasks, in particular when related to CAPRI. Activities involving sizeable time input are usually mentioned among the projects carried out by EuroCARE on this webpage. Training courses are provided as well under the FWCs but have not been mentioned as separate projects.

    Under FWCs # 1 and 2 a strategic and technical reference group for the integrated Modelling Platform for Agro-economic Commodity and Policy Analysis (iMAP) had been set up to organise meetings and workshops. EuroCARE had participated here with Thomas Heckelei, Wolfgang Britz or Peter Witzke as experts.