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Framework contract: Support to the economic modelling of agriculture and rural development policies in Europe (ENgAGE)


Stichting Dienst Lanbouwkundig Onderzoek Foundation , Wageningen, The Netherlands
Project for: IPTS, Seville, Spain, contract no. 152039-2010 A08-NL


December 2010 – December 2012


Stichting Dienst Lanbouwkundig Onderzoek Foundation , Wageningen, The Netherlands

Consortium composed by:


The Contractor is expected to perform the following tasks during the implementation of the contract.

  • Task 1: Organisation of research related workshops and conferences
  • These events will bring together policy-makers, researchers and relevant stakeholders in fields related to agro-economic policy analysis. This should include also potential workshops to validate the results of modelling tools. These experts should not be part of the consortium, but can be invited to workshops if requested.

  • Task 2: Technical support to model maintenance
  • Ensuring permanently operational versions of the models (master versions) and updating model data bases. This relates in particular to the models AGLINK, CAPRI, ESIM as well as the two cmrently available CGE models (GLOBE, GTAP).

  • Task 3: Technical support to model development
  • Ensuring ad-hoc technical support at JRC-IPTS, via mail and telephone, technical briefs/manuals on issues such as new methodological features, improving modelling of policy and trade instruments, extending geographical and commodity coverage.

  • Task 4: Documentation
  • Providing documentation of data used in the models (detailed reference to the original data sources, methods used to modify the original data, methods used to derive internal model data such as parameters, elasticities, indicators, coefficients); documentation of baseline procedure; full description of model variables and parameters.

  • Task 5: Evaluation and assessment of the impacts of policies
  • Conducting of studies on the economic impacts of agricultural and rural development policies on the agricultural sector using in particular the models of iMAP.

  • Task 6: Training
  • Providing training for newcomers and advanced staff aiming to develop an in-house capacity and expertise on AGLINK, ESIM and CAPRI and CGE models. The training courses should cover introductory courses and advanced user courses and be organised by the contractors at IPTS, or, if requested by IPTS at other Commission services. The duration of the trainings should be 1 to 3 days

  • Task 7: Peer-reviewing and scientific advice
  • Reviewing the scientific quality of JRC-IPTS products and contributing to the further development of iMAP and of other JRC-IPTS activities through scientific advice.

Contributions of EuroCARE

ENgAGE Training

Specific Contract on the provision of training, documentation and maintenance of key iMAP modelling tools:

  • Training courses for beginners and intermediate/advanced modellers aim at the development of an in-house capacity and expertise in AGLINK-COSIMO, ESIM, CAPRI, GLOBE and IMPACT models
  • User friendly documentation of the model and data; documentation of the baseline process; full description of model variables (and their interlinkages) and parameters, and a list of key references.
  • Maintenance

ENgAGE Reference Group

Specific Contract on Setting up a Strategic and Technical Reference Group for the integrated Modelling Platform for Agro-economic Commodity and Policy Analysis (iMAP)

ENgAGE CapriWater

Specific contract on a feasibility study to include water into the CAPRI model (iMAP)

The study shall look at the potential to improve the inclusion of water as a cost in the supply side of the CAPRI model and shall investigate how to take into account for water as a physical constraint to agricultural production. Further, study shall propose options how policy changes like the Water Framework Directive and the implementation through cross-compliance can be modelled in CAPRI.

ENgAGE longterm

Specific contract on the development of a modelling tool for simulations of long-term (2050) effects of agricultural, trade and structural policies.

This contract is to perform a feasibility study that focuses on the development of modelling tools for simulations of long-term (2050) effects of agriculture, trade and structural policies able to provide quantitative answers to progressing structural change and evolving in time external conditions.


Specific contract to improve calibration work and trade-related policy impact analysis in the CAPRI model

The improved reporting part in CAPRI will enable the modeller to check the model parameters in a transparent and user friendly way in all key steps of the calibration procedure. The improvement of the market module will facilitate to model trade policies for country aggregates that reflect the trade relations with the EU in a more realistic way as well as it will ease the scenario implementation and impact analyses related to the sugar market


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