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Climate Change - Terrestrial Adaptation and Mitigation in Europe (CCTAME)


European Commission, FP7


2008 – 2011


Project leader: IIASA

Consortium composed of


The project assesses the impacts of agricultural, climate, energy, forestry and other associated land-use policies, considering the resulting feed-backs on the climate system. Geographically explicit biophysical models together with an integrated cluster of economic land-use models are coupled with regional climate models to assess and identify mitigation and adaptation strategies in European agriculture and forestry.

Contributions of EuroCARE

EuroCARE is mainly involved in tasks of working package (WP) 5000: Economic Modelling

  • Task 5230: The CAPRI model is used for baseline scenario computations for the Post-Kyoto time horizon. CAPRI and EUFASOM results and data have been compared and partly harmonised.
  • Task 5330: EUFASOM and RAINS/GAINS are coordinated with CAPRI baseline projections.

Furthemore EuroCARE has been involved in Task 6210 (EU Policies) and Task 7300 (Policy implications), both coordinated by INRA.