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Projections and impact analysis for John Deere Germany (John_Deere)


Deere & Co US-AG (AG North America)


since 2012 several projects, each with a specific focus


EuroCARE, involving independent expert Markus Kempen


John Deere, Germany, a producer of tractors and agricultural machinery for international markets, is interested in the development of income and structural changes of the European agricutural sector as they relate to future demand in farm mechanization.

A frequent task is the delivery of farm income data from a farm income tool (FIT) tailored to this service. The input data of FIT is taken from the CAPRI model. The historical data stem mainly from various Eurostat data bases, consolidated and checked in the CAPRI model framework. Future projections from the CAPRI modelling system take into account the annual outlooks from DG Agri, in turn based on the Aglink model. Annual updates and continuing improvement of maintain the usefulness of FIT.

Since 2016 John Deere also requests results on changes in the farm structure, farm consolidation for a better assessment of future mechanization trends. The focus of this work is on all developments that might impact EU farmers mechanization for material handling.