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Additional constraints for plant protection - Price impacts on European agricultural markets (PlantProtection)


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August 2008 - October 2008




Analysis of the effects of a reduced application of plant protection in European agriculture especially focussing on price effects for wheat and potatoes.

Three tasks carried out by EuroCARE:

Task 1: Analysis of the effects of lower yields for agricultural products as results of reduced plant protection application in Europe with the agricultural sector model CAPRI. Three scenarios are analysed, each referring to a certain degree of yield reduction. Those scenarios are called:

  • Scenario 1: Commission exclusion, referring to the exclusion of certain plant protection products or chemicals according to the EU commissions criteria in Directive 91/414/EEC
  • Scenario 2: Commission Substitution, substitution of products according to this Commission criteria.
  • Scenario 3: Parliament Substitution, Substitution of products according to the EU Parliament criteria.

The focus of this study lays on the products wheat and potatoes and there especially commodity prices to get insights about the relation between reduced production potential and prices for agricultural goods. Other results of the study are changes in the European market balances, the land allocation and farmers income which is outlined as well.

Task 2: Summarising of these results in a report of about 20 pages written text plus illustrative tables, graphs and maps.

Task 3: Presentation of results

Contributions of EuroCARE

CAPRI baseline and scenario preparation was typically handled by EuroCARE whereas the condensed analysis and conclusions with tables and graphs was in the hand of experts with roots in the farming sector