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Research and innovation perspective on advanced biofuels in Europe (Advanced_biofuels)

("Research and innovation perspective of the mid- and long-term potential for advanced biofuels in Europe")


EU Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


July 2016 - November 2017


Project leader: ECORYS Nederland B.Y.

Partners or subcontractors:


This study examines the Research and Innovation (R&I) potential for feedstock production, advanced biofuels production, and use of advanced biofuels. Feedstocks for advanced biofuels are lignocellulosic material (i.e. agricultural and forestry residues), non-food crops (i.e. grasses, miscanthus, algae), or industrial waste and residue streams.

  • Task 1 assesses the potential for R&I to enable secure, low-cost, and low ILUC biomass feedstock for energy for the 2030 and 2050 time-horizons. R&I may target increased supply of biomass through enhanced production or improved biomass supply through innovative harvesting, supply chain logistics and mobilization of potentials. These are investigated in two scenarios plus a combined scenario against a reference run.
  • Task 2 addresses the potential contribution of advanced biofuels to achieving the EU's ambitious climate change objectives, relying in particular on scenario analysis with the PRIMES model.
  • Task 3 compares advanced biofuels with alternative fuel options for the road, maritime, and aviation transport sectors, again based on scenario work with the PRIMES model.

Contributions of EuroCARE

EuroCARE is mainly involved in Task 1, assessing regional biomass supply functions for lignocellulosic energy crops, straw and pruning residues that served as model input to the PRIMES-biomass model.


Paul Baker, Olivier Chartier, Robert Haffner, Laura Heidecke, Karel van Hussen, Lars Meindert, Barbara Pia Oberc, Karolina Ryszka (Ecorys), Pantelis Capros, Alessia De Vita, Kostas Fragkiadakis, Panagiotis Fragkos, Leonidas Paroussos, Apostolis Petropoulos, Georgios Zazias, (E3MLab), Ingo Ball, Ilze Dzene, Rainer Janssen, Johannes Michel, Dominik Rutz, (WIP Renewable Energies), Marcus Lindner, Alexander Moiseyev, Hans Verkerk (EFI), Peter Witzke (Eurocare), Magda Walker (IUNG) (2017): Research and Innovation perspective of the mid - and long-term Potential for Advanced Biofuels in Europe, Final Report, EUR 2017.4916 EN, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, Doi 10.2777/37969. (Link)