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Policy impact analysis for KWS SAAT AG (KWS_Support)


KWS SAAT AG, Einbeck, Germany


Study 1: August 2005 – October 2005

Study 2: November 2008 – April 2009

Study 3: January 2011 – November 2011

Study 4: September 2012 – December 2012

Study 5: July 2013 – September 2013

Study 6: July 2014 – September 2014


Co-ordinated by EuroCARE involving independent experts (M Kempen, H Gömann)


Applying the CAPRI model to different scenarios of interest at the time, EuroCARE determined impacts on agricultural production in the EU. The model was applied to NUTSII within the EU which were aggregated to "KWS regions" subsequently. Supplementary analysis for non-EU regions has been carried out relying on the Aglink baseline.

Key outputs for KWS have been:

  • production area for agricultural activities (focussing on KWS relevant crops like sugar beet, maize, oilseeds etc.)
  • production quantities and yields
  • agricultural income

Areas, production quantities and income are relevant intermediate variables for a market outlook on seeds.

Contributions of EuroCARE

CAPRI baseline and scenario preparation was typically handled by EuroCARE whereas the condensed analysis and conclusions with tables and graphs was in the hand of experts with roots in the farming sector