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Analysis of measures to reduce the price-volatility of national and international markets for improved food security in developing conunties (ZEF_PriceVolatility)


Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitšt Bonn / ZEF (Center for Development Research University of Bonn)


Januar 2020 - April 2020


Modeling the effects of a changed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on food trade and production in Africa by means of the CAPRI simulation model.


    1. Change Direct Payment Scenario

    2. More organic and animal friendly CAP

Sensitivity analyses of differnt developments in Africa:

    1. Status quo

    2. Improved export capacity due to changed supply elasticities for exporters from Africa.

Contributions of EuroCARE

  • 10-page summary (in German) of the model scenarios and results until 20.01.2020

  • Detailed report of method and results of the simulation in the form of a draft for the ZEF Discussion Paper Series until 30.04.2020