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Space, land and society: challenges and opportunities for production and innovation in agriculture based value chains (AGRISPACE)


Research Council of Norway


May 2014 – December 2017


Project leader: Centre for Rural Research, Trondheim, Norway


A consortium of Norwegian partners and international collaborators provide comprehensive knowledge on challenges and opportunities for sustainable growth in production and innovation in land-based bio-production across space in four interrelated thematic areas:

  • Spatial variation and the effects of this variation on the utilisation of land resources
  • Spatial variation in products and production methods (types)
  • Factors and conditions that promote or restrict value creation in biobased value chains
  • Goals and goal conflicts in agricultural policy and policy instruments

AGRISPACE also includes projections and scenarios for Norwegian agriculture. In this context the previous model JORMOD is being revised to JORDMOD II, a state-of-the-art agricultural sector model for Norway.

Contributions of EuroCARE

Thomas Heckelei was part of the reference group and took part in discussions, publications and evaluation of the progression of this project.

Wolfgang Britz made the key contributions to JORDMOD-II.


Grete Stokstad and Sebastian Eiter (2015): AGRISPACE - Background, concepts, and frameworks, Ås, Norway.