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Update of feed nutrient contents and requirements in IFM-CAP (IFM_Feed)

Improvement and update of the nutrient feed content and animal nutrient requirement in the IFM-CAP (Individual Farm Model for the Common Agricultural Policy)


Joint Research Centre (JRC)


September 2014 - May 2015


EuroCARE GmbH with individual expert Markus Kempen


The project adresses the following objectives:

  • Revision of data on nutrient content of feed
  • Revision of nutrient requirement functions where needed against scientific literature
  • Update of data used for determining the nutrient requirement by animal category
  • Revision of feeding rules applied in feed modelling
  • Validation of the results

The initial specifications of feed modelling in IFM-CAP and CAPRI were very similar. It was therefore possible to test the improvements in a modified CAPRI version, avoiding confidentiality problems due to the in-house character of IFM-CAP. The project was supposed to be synchronised with a parallel update effort on "FEEDMOD" . However as some results were not yet available at the time of the study, the full implementation of the prototype version was left to JRC staff.

Contributions of EuroCARE

EuroCARE handled all tasks of the study.