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Agroeconomic analysis and modelling of agriculture and development policies impact for Africa (areaII)


European Commission


May 2019 - November 2023


Consortium leader

  • Stichting Wageningen Research with its research institutes, Wageningen Economic Research

Consortium composed of

  • Stichting Wageningen Research with its research institutes, Wageningen Economic Research (WECR)
  • Wageningen Environmental Research (WENR)

  • Wageningen University

  • EuroCARE GmbH

  • Stichting Agri-Profocus

  • International Livestock Research Institute


The main goal of the project is to provide projections and impact analyses of economic policies and other exogenous changes on the agricultural sector and rural areas. For this, an Infrastructure for AgRi-Economic analysis & modelling of agriculture & development policies impact for Africa (AREA) was set up with the main objective being to collect data, develop and maintain databases and quantitative tools for the analysis of development and agricultural policies in Africa. Development is at the heart of the EUís external action (along with foreign, security and trade policies), with the objective of EU development policy being the eradication of poverty in the framework of sustainable development, including the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This has two important implications for the policy directorates involved in sustainable agricultural development and food security in Africa.

  • 1) Policy coherence across domains and inter-regional effects will benefit from improved evidence into the African agriculture economy and food systems.

  • 2) Science and technology cooperation is an important direct pathway for EUís contribution to the sustainable development goals, and requires continuous strengthening and maintenance.

main tasks:

  • Task 1: Technical support to tools (databases and model) development
  • Task 2: Technical support to tools (databases and model) maintenance
  • Task 3: Documentation
  • Task 4: Evaluation and assessment of the impacts of policies
  • Task 5: Training
  • Task 6: Workshops and conferences
  • Task 7: Peer-reviewing and scientific advice

Contributions of EuroCARE

Provision of CGE-box: CGEBox comprises modules relevant for economic-analysis of African agri-food developments such as myGTAP (multiple households), GTAP-AEZ (land use), GTAP-AGR (fragmented factor markets, specific production function nestings for agri-food) or CO2 and non-CO2 emissions.