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Linkage between the IFM-CAP model (Individual Farm Model for the Common Agricultural Policy) and the CAPRI market model (IFM_link)


Joint Research Centre (JRC)


Autumn 2010 - Winter 2011



The general objective of the study is to develop a prototype analytical tool to model the CAP policy effects on structural changes at farm level in the EU -27 using the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) combining it with the Farm Structure Survey (FSS). The specific objectives are:

  • Review in detail the existing methodologies for ex-ante and ex-post modelling of structural change

  • Develop an analtical tool (prototype) based on one or several of methodologies reviewed. If the analytical tool is composed of various quantitative approaches the integrated standardized framework should be defined

  • Test the analytical tool to two case studies (NUTS-2-level).

Contributions of EuroCARE

EuroCARE GmbH is the refined literature review and the description of the analytical tool for the ex-ante and ex-post analysis and a new baseline. EuroCARE and TI together provide the reports.