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Split of EU-27 and United Kingdom in the CAPRI model


Joint Research Centre (JRC)


September 2016 - June 2017


Under the Framework contract for ENgAGE (Expert Network for Agro-Economic modelling) represented by Wageningen Economic Research (formerly LEI) and legally Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek, Wageningen

Project team composed of


The pending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU ("Brexit") requires to remove the UK from the EU trade region "EU15", that has been one of the few regional aggregates with an unchanged composition since the first CAPRI project in the 90ies. The project involves the following adjustments to the Brexit:

  • New sets, often with time varying membership have been introduced

  • The baseline is set up in such a way that the UK and the remaining EU14 region are technically separated, but with trade and domestic policies specified, as if the Brexit would be cancelled.

  • This requires in some cases the use of assumptions, for example regarding the allocation of TRQs between these regions.

  • At the opportunity of changing the regional sets the former regional aggregate "Bulgaria and Romania" shall be merged with the current EU_EAST region.

  • Because a test of the code will involve a full test of the CAPRI "production chain", it has been decided to shift the base year at the same time to 2012.

Contributions of EuroCARE

EuroCARE GmbH was coordinating and responsible for set changes, database updates and a new baseline. TI was responsible for trade policy scenarios and GUI adjustments.