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CAPRI Metamodelling (Metasurface)


Institute for the world economy (IfW) Kiel


2019 - 2021


  • EuroCARE GmbH
  • Institute of Agricultural Economics, University of Kiel

Research context

Metamodelling of CAPRI by including:

  • Key policy output variables like sustainability indictors for: CO2 emissions, of N-drift and of biodiversity
  • Key policy inputs:
    • I. Sustainable land use policies:Central policies to manage CO2 emissions, N-driftand biodiversity will be implemented in CAPRI:
      • a. Existing CAPRI specifications can be used to regulate CO2 emissions, with CO2 permits with an exogenous price introduced as a cost in the farm model and the demand for permits and thus the realized CO2-Emmisison is controlled with the exogenous price.
      • b. The N balance is also already implemented in the CAPRI model.Specifically, gaseous N-drift and N-drift in soil are distinguished. Accordingly, the maximum N-drift per hectare can be explicitly formulated as a policy variable for gaseous and soil N-drift.
      • c. For policy control of biodiversity a pre-existing code will be used to calculate the Biodiversity Index at the local level (under Nuts2) for Nuts2 level and implemented in CAPRI. The index consists of individual subcomponents, specifically animal stocking, N-input, crop diversity,such that either the maximum components are implemented as policy variables in CAPRI or the entire Index.
    • II. Other policy inputs include standard CAP policies, which are in CAPRI already implemented: trade policies, direct payments, set-aside, greening, etc....