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Methodological improvements and GHG emission scenario analysis (Farm_2012)


IPTS, Seville, Spain, contract no. IPTS-2012-J04-11-NC


June 2012 – December 2013


EuroCARE GmbH with key contributions by expert Alexander Gocht


The project was targeted at the farm type layer of CAPRI. The main achievements of this project were:

  • Inclusion of Bulgaria and Romania in the farm-type layer and general update of the farm type layer with the latest FADN and FSS data.
  • Methodological improvements: Farm type seletion routines have been revised to reduce the size of the residual farm-type. In addition the input cost allocation has been improved
  • The GHG accounting has be checked for functionality with the farm-type layer. Several very diverse test scenarios have been undertaken (WTO, premiums, GHG cut)
  • Contributions of EuroCARE

    All tasks carried out by EuroCARE.