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Update of CAPRI dairy and biofuels modules, and revision of the baseline calibration (CAPRI dairy-biofuels)




2021 – 2022


Project leader: Prof. J.G.A.J. van der Vorst, Managing Director of Stichting Wageningen Research

The consortium includes the following partners:


The markets for dairy commodities and biofuels are of high importance for the EU. Milk and dairy production takes place in all EU countries, and EU is a major exporter of dairy products. Biofuels serve as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels, and their promotion aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the dependency on other nations for fossil fuels. Accordingly, the dairy and biofuels sectors merit significant attention when it comes to the respective databases, coefficients, parameters, policies and assumptions in the models for generating, as accurately as possible, policy impact analyses and EU market projections. A complete and comprehensive revision of the representation of the dairy and biofuels sectors in CAPRI is needed, especially considering (i) the economic, social and environmental relevance of dairy and biofuels sectors for the EU, (ii) the fact that the last thorough revision of these sectors was done in 2014 , and (iii) that over the previous years the discrepancies between the values related to these two sectors projected by CAPRI and by the medium-term outlook for agricultural markets (MTO) were considerable.

Aim and objective

The general objective of this specific contract is the further improvement of the CAPRI modelling system regarding the representation of dairy and biofuels markets in order to perform policy scenario analysis. The specific objectives of the project are (i) update of the CAPRI database and base year, (ii) update and improvement of the representation of milk, dairy and biofuels in CAPRI, (iii) test the modelling improvements on two scenarios.


  • Task 1: Update of CAPRI database and base year
  • Task 2: Update of CAPRI milk, dairy and biofuels representation and generation of the baseline
  • Task 3: Validation of model developments and update of CAPRI trunk
  • Contributions of eurocare

    EuroCARE provided technical support for the necessary CAPRI model adjustments and mainly contributed to the CAPRI parts in the reporting.