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Integrating water issues into the CAPRI model (water)


European Commission, Joint Research Centre, IPTS, Seville


Study 1 (Exploring the feasibility of integrating water issues into the CAPRI model): August 2011 – November 2012

Study 2 (Extension of the CAPRI model with an irrigation sub-module and other water related aspects): December 2013 – May 2015

Study 3 (Support for CAPRI WATER Module Update): September 2017 – June 2018

Study 4 (Support for CAPRI WATER Module Update): November 2019 – April 2022


Under the Framework contract for ENgAGE (Expert Network for Agro-Economic modelling) represented by Wageningen Economic Research (formerly LEI) and legally Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek, Wageningen

Project team composed of


Study 1 explores the feasibility of integrating water considerations into the CAPRI model starting from a literature review a concept for an irrigation module has been developed and tested at the example of 2 NUTS2 regions with a rather favourable data sitiation.

Study 2 fully implements the prototype version in the CAPRI supply model regions, excluding the non-EU regions, but including a consideration of water use by animals. Finally it proceeds to climate shock scenarios with irrigation and improved water use efficiency as adaptation options.

Study 3 first aims at a thorough update in terms of data and coding. New developments are including water into the production function of non-irrigable land, considering the impact of excess water and market clearance with other sectors.

Study 4 addresses two main objectives: to introduce an alternative irrigation source in the production activities and to account for competition between agricultural and non-agricultural water use sectors.

Contributions of EuroCARE

EuroCARE gives techncial assistance on coding choices and testing of model bahaviour. Furthermore it provides support for database and CAPRI baseline developments.

This project is closely related to AgClim50-IV.