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Handling of Switzerland in the CAPRI modeling system (Switzerland)


  • FOAG (Federal Office for Agriculture), Bern, Switzerland
  • AgrosCope (Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research), Switzerland


    2021 - 2023

    Research context

    The aim of the contract is to provide a framework contract concerning the handling of Switzerland in the CAPRI modeling system

    Aim and objective

    The declared aim of the contract envisage the following objectives:

    • Updates and model maintenance: guarantee an adequate maintenance of the Swiss treatment in the CAPRI market module through systematic and regular updates;
    • Model developments: implement the necessary technical model developments addressing the FOAG requirements;
    • Ex-ante evaluations of free trade agreements: ensure the necessary resources to carry ex ante evaluations of free trade agreements between Switzerland and third partners as mandated by FOAG.

    Main tasks

  • Taks 1: Updates and model maintenance:
    • a) This includes for example adaptations of the Swiss product mapping as well as the Swiss regional mapping to reflect more accurately the trade partners of interest.
    • b) The Swiss specific CAPRI files should be properly flagged, stored in the related directory and committed to the CAPRI repository unless differently specified.
    • c) The Swiss handling in the CAPRI market module should calibrate for the most recent available CAPRI model revision for given Swiss agricultural policies (e.g. base year reproduction and parametrization of behavioral functions, especially those related to domestic and trade policies) and be operational for policy scenario simulations. Specific developments of Swiss agricultural markets coming from exogenous projections provided by international agencies should be embedded during the calibration.
  • Taks 2: Model developments
  • Taks 3: Ex-ante evaluations of free trade agreements