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SUpport for Policy RElevant Modelling of Agriculture (SUPREMA)


Horizon 2020


January 2018 – October 2020


Project leader: Wageningen Economic Research (formerly LEI), The Hague, Netherlands

The consortium includes the following partners:

Overview on SUPREMA

Impact assessments in the areas of agriculture are (partly) based on projections delivered by models. Sectoral policies are becoming more and more interrelated. Hence, there is a need to improve the capacity of current models, connect them or redesign them to deliver on an increasing variety of policy objectives, and to explore future directions for agricultural modelling in Europe.

SUPREMA addresses this challenge with a meta-platform that supports modelling groups linked already through various other platforms and networks. The meta-platform, a number of improvements for the linked system of existing core models and some key applications melt down in a Roadmap for future directions for agricultural modelling in Europe.

  • A SUPREMA roadmap of future directions for modelling will be developed.
  • An enhanced and strengthened SUPREMA model family will be created.
  • Future directions of modelling in agriculture will be explored and tested.
  • A SUPREMA meta-platform will be established, to share and discuss the findings of the work with existing model platforms, research communities, and policy makers.

Contributions of EuroCARE

EuroCARE is mainly involved in WP2 ("The tools – Model enhancement and integration") and in particular with CAPRI

The aim of WP2 is to improve the capacity of the modelling network of the SUPREMA model family in four ways

  • developing an infrastructure that will enhance the harmonisation and data exchange across distinct models
  • strengthening existing and establishing new linkages among SUPREMA models in order to prepare for the envisaged scenarios.
  • a series of targeted modelling improvements – in AGMEMOD, GLOBIOM, CAPRI and MITERRA - all related to the envisaged scenarios
  • Testing and versioning of models is the important last step in the enhancing process as it is a precondition for reproducible results. This is especially the case if developments are distributed among large model network, like for CAPRI, MAGNET and AGMEMOD.